We are so glad that you are loving your new InspiredbyKat piece. Our pieces are handcrafted with natural, earthy stones and for that reason, they possess healing and protective properties. Our sole intent when handcrafting our pieces is that they serve as a reminder and wearable representation of your journey. We truly hope that our pieces also carry a strong meaning to you, the wearer, in your life. Here are some tips on how to care for your IBK piece:

  • We use natural beads, stones and materials in all of our pieces. However, we recommend that you avoid wetting your piece as we use silk thread and precious metals. The water can specifically reduce the durability of the thread we use in a lot of our pieces.
  • We provide pouches with each of your pieces. We recommend that you store your pieces in these pouches to preserve and prolong the life of your piece.
  • We recommend only using jewelry cleaning cloths when cleaning your pieces.



Natural beads & stones are filled with energy. They constantly absorb and provide energy and for this reason is important to periodically cleanse them to ensure they are serving their spiritual purpose. There are many ways to cleanse your piece – some of the most effective methods include leaving your piece exposed to direct moonlight during a fool moon. Also exposing your piece to sunrise has proven to be effective. Don’t forget to set your new intentions after each cleansing!



We stand behind our products and ensure we use durable, sustainable materials to allow you to enjoy your pieces. If you require a repair to one of your InspiredbyKat pieces, please email us at Because we know things happen sometimes, we provide one repair service, free of charge, within one year of purchase.

We personally know how attach one can become to their mala and that they symbolize the intentions we have set for ourselves. Is important to know that when your mala breaks it means a lot more…the history of mala beads tell us that if your mala breaks it represents breakthrough or karma breaking. As hard as it may be to part with your mala when it breaks, it is a positive sign of progression. It may be time for a new connection!

However, because we know the journey that goes along being a mala owner, we are happy to offer one free restringing within one year of purchase. A minimal restringing cost will apply to any mala after one year of purchase. Simply send us an email at